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Neo Gaming Headset Stand

Neo Gaming Headset Stand

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Gaming Headset Holder

video gamer headset holder

The most spectacular gaming headset support with hub to complete your gaming setup . A 2-in-1 system: headphone stand and HUB with two USB 2.0 ports. Equipped with an RGB Flow LED strip, this Neo gaming headset stand is an essential accessory that improves the aesthetics of your gaming desk in an incredible way by offering multiple functions in a minimum of space.

white gaming headset stand
Enjoy a splendid automatic LED color transition with which to transform your gaming desk into a futuristic gaming station.

The LED lighting strip provides a dynamic RGB flow effect that automatically changes color, taking the aesthetics of your setup to another level by decorating your gaming desk with multiple shades.

RGB gaming headset stand

To perfectly organize your gaming space, this gaming headset holder offers a vertical support in ABS and a raised base that completes its futuristic design. The top curvature is optimized to hold your gaming headphones without damaging them.

Connect other peripherals to this headphone stand thanks to its HUB system and its 2 USB 2.0 ports in order to have the cable for your gaming keyboard , gaming mouse , audio system or any other device nearby.

gaming headset stand

The Neo Gaming Headphone Stand is at the cutting edge of technology. With its 2-in-1 USB hub, integrated LED lighting and automatic RGB light transitions, customize your gamer setup to infinity. Its ergonomic and aesthetic design offers a dynamic gaming experience to your gaming desk !

  • 2 in 1 helmet holder
  • ergonomic design
  • automatic RGB flow
  • USB 2.0 connectors
  • cable length 1.5m
  • weight 365g
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