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TMAX Gaming Mouse - 7 RGB Colors

TMAX Gaming Mouse - 7 RGB Colors

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Gaming Mouse Tmax

rgb gaming mouse

Ready to take your gaming experience to the next level?

Are you tired of being eliminated from the start of the game? It's normal your opponents are equipped with the best wired gaming mice, much faster than wireless gaming mice .

gaming mouse 6400 dpi

Get your hands on this lightning-fast gaming mouse and dive into the world of incredible speed, precision, and RGB color . Customize your gaming experience with 7 buttons and finally enter a world of high-level competition.

fast gaming mouse

With 6 speeds, 7 colors, 7 buttons, a high-precision wheel , 6400 DPI featuring new high-tech technology for exceptional performance, this gaming mouse is sure to be an unstoppable force against your opponents!

smart wheel gaming mouse

Get ready to take your rank to the next level!

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