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Gaming Kit 4 in 1 mouse + keyboard + mat + headphones

Gaming Kit 4 in 1 mouse + keyboard + mat + headphones

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RGB Gaming Setup

rgb gaming headset

A 4 in 1 gaming kit at an affordable price! PC accessories in a complete box: an ergonomic mouse, a hybrid keyboard, an XXL mat and a luminous RGB headset. Durable and practical for an optimal gaming experience !

This gaming accessory kit is the best compromise for equipping yourself with solid and compatible computer equipment for both gaming and work.

4 in 1 gaming setup

The 4 in 1 Combo of Setup Gaming

4 RGB gaming accessories with the best features: H-Mech hybrid rgb keyboard , ultra-lightweight 10K rgb mouse with control software, fluid suspension rgb headphones with spatial sound and a xxl rgb mouse pad .

pc gaming accessories

Compatible PC Gaming Accessories

This rgb accessories kit for pc gaming is fully compatible with your other gaming platforms: Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Mac... Use your new rgb gaming setup comfortably without worry, with or without control software, to enjoy full of your limitless games.

rgb gaming keyboard

Hybrid RGB Keyboard with H-Mech Technology

The fast and precise feel of mechanical keyboard switches fused with the smoothness and durability of membrane keyboards thanks to the technology of this H-Mech pc keyboard which combines the best of both products to offer optimal performance for the most versatile gamers and the most demanding.

pc gaming box included

RGB lighting with Halo light effect

Light up your space with dramatic RGB rainbow lighting and a peripheral ambient band that further enhances the aesthetics of this gaming keyboard , casting light across the desktop and displaying a halo that dynamically complements your gaming setup .

gaming mouse 10000 dpi

RGB mouse with ultra-fast optical sensor

Achieve maximum precision with this fully customizable gaming mouse thanks to its professional 10000 DPI optical sensor . Get ready for extreme action and exceptional control during your best online gaming sessions.

Kailh brand mechanical switches

To obtain the best precision of use, this pc mouse is equipped with the best mechanical switches of the prestigious Kailh brand that offer an unbeatable pulsation at all times, transmitting your commands with maximum speed and precision.

mechanical rgb keyboard

Plus, they have the most durability of current mechanical switches, extending the life of your gaming mouse to the max.

Ultra light gaming mouse

With an internal structure optimized to the maximum, this mouse reaches an ultra-light weight of only 69g and seems to float on your xxl mouse pad . It also incorporates a special ''Feather'' cable that provides superior flexibility and durability, reducing resistance to a minimum to achieve a feel similar to that of a wireless mouse .

rgb gaming keyboard

Personalize your gaming experience

Downloadable software lets you easily customize every aspect of your new mouse , from RGB lighting to various programmable macros, as well as individual button functions and performance settings. Configure your PC gaming mouse as you wish, and adapt it to your needs to obtain a tool that suits you.

Gaming headset with RGB flow

Not only are these headphones ultra-comfortable thanks to their suspension headband and breathable technology, but they also feature high-definition spatial sound with stereo speakers, a noise-cancelling microphone and a system spectacular RGB lighting .

mouse pad xxl

XXL Fiber Optic Mouse Pad

Framed by an RGB fiber optic lighting system, this XXL mouse pad offers up to 12 different lighting modes (7 solid colors and 5 unique effects) to enhance the aesthetics of your gaming desk .

RGB mouse pad composed of a double layer, for better grip on the desk and a perfect glide for the mouse. On the one hand, its top layer of nano fabric significantly improves the performance of the ergonomic mouse , both optical and laser. On the other hand, its lower layer of rubber guarantees maximum grip on the table, avoiding movements of the mat and providing greater comfort when gaming. Its XXL format occupies your entire desk and also serves as an RGB mat for your gaming keyboard .

XXL gaming rgb mouse pad

  • H-Mech Keyboard
  • Ultra light mouse
  • Stereo RGB headphones
  • Synthetic leather pads
  • XXL RGB mouse pad
  • Cable length 180cm
  • Total weight 700g

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