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3 in 1 gaming kit mouse + mat + headset

3 in 1 gaming kit mouse + mat + headset

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RGB Gaming Setup

3 in 1 gaming kit

Live the ultimate gaming experience with this 3-in-1 Gaming Kit : ergonomic mouse, mat and headset for comfort, durability and superior gaming performance. With this cheap gaming combo, join your friends in your gaming universe!

The perfect gaming kit

All the gaming accessories to achieve comfortable, precise and immersive gameplay are available with this perfect gaming kit . With a fully functional design, powered by LED lighting, this gamer combo guarantees hours of top quality gaming thanks to its optimal functionality.

pc gaming headset

RGB lighting and maximum precision

10000 DPI gaming mouse with multi-effect RGB lighting system, controllable with a single button located on the bottom. In addition to having Huano mechanical switches for better durability of your RGB mouse , its design is totally ergonomic and adapts to multiple types of grip.

rgb gaming mouse

Ultra-comfortable 7.1 audio immersion

With this gamer kit , you benefit from headphones guaranteeing total immersion thanks to a sound quality specially designed for gamer headphones : 7.1 DSP surround sound technology and memory foam earpads with AIR technology. Makes the most of its super BASS speakers and ultra-comfortable design with spectacular sound quality.

Gaming headset with adjustable structure

The gamer earphones of this audio headset are perfectly adjustable and resistant, thanks to an adjustable headband reinforced with steel strips that offer a comfortable glide and incredible durability to adapt to all head sizes.

gaming headphones

XXL carpet with premium surface

With its texture optimized for a soft touch and a fast glide, this XXL mouse pad offers a Premium size surface that guarantees complete freedom of movement during your most intense gaming sessions.

Its reinforced nylon edges, natural rubber base and surface with nano textile technology: this gaming mat has all the features you need to meet any challenge.

mouse pad xxl

Ergonomic mice with professional finishes

The structure of this gaming mouse offers high quality finishes to achieve the best possible touch, as well as an ergonomic design that adapts perfectly to the player's hand to improve precision.

Single control software

The headset and mouse in this gaming kit have unique software with which you can customize their settings to your liking. Adjust the DPI of your gaming mouse , activate the 7.1 system of your gaming headset ... Adjust your gaming setup as you wish.

rgb gaming mouse

Cross-platform compatibility

This pc gaming kit allows you to play both on PC and console in complete freedom, to make the most of its headphones compatible with Windows and Mac as well as with PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch (USB), and play with the mouse on Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4, PS5, Xbox devices.

Take advantage of this perfect 3-in-1 gaming suit for total immersion in your gaming universe , precision and freedom of movement. Everything you need in one gaming package !

  • 7.1 Gaming Headset with Built-in DSP
  • RGB Chroma 10000 DPI Mouse
  • XXL carpet with optimized surface
  • Cross-platform compatibility

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