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Gaming 2 in 1 mouse + keyboard kit

Gaming 2 in 1 mouse + keyboard kit

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RGB Gaming Setup

rgb gaming keyboard

The perfect 2 in 1 Gaming Kit for gamers! LED lighting for more style, an ergonomic keyboard for easier handling, waterproof keys for better protection against accidents and integrated anti-ghosting protection for smooth navigation.

gaming keyboard with RGB mouse included

Its gamer mouse adapted for a quick and ergonomic grip is equipped with 7 customizable backlit RGB colors. This RGB mouse 's high-precision sensor delivers pinpoint accuracy up to 5500 DPI with Gaming Grade micro-switches ensuring extreme responsiveness, giving you an even bigger edge over your competition.

waterproof RGB keyboard

Have an unforgettable gaming experience !

  • 104 key keyboard
  • ghosting protection
  • ergonomic design
  • LED backlight
  • 12 multifunction keys
  • plug-and-play USB connection

ergonomic gaming keyboard

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