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Mechanical Keyboard 89 RGB Bluetooth RF 2.4G Wheel

Mechanical Keyboard 89 RGB Bluetooth RF 2.4G Wheel

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Glaming Keyboard

mechanical RGB keyboard video

The most advanced gaming keyboard . Triple connection system: 2.4 Ghz for wireless gaming, cross-platform Bluetooth 5.0 and removable USB-C to USB-A connector for maximum performance.

Lithium-ion battery up to 200 hours of battery life. Compact keyboard reduced by 75%, spectacular RGB full chroma keys, with anti-dust switches. Impressive and customizable lighting effects with included configuration software.

custom gaming keyboard

Ultra Compact Gaming Keyboard 75%

All the features of a pc keyboard with the minimum possible size thanks to the exclusive ultra-compact 75% format. Maximize your desktop and easily transport your mechanical keyboard wherever you want.

rgb gaming keyboard

Full Chroma Lighting RGB Keyboard

The lighting system of this RGB keyboard offers up to 17 million colors thanks to its included control software. Choose from 21 special effects and customizable profiles to design the lighting of your choice - all possible options to get exactly the gaming keyboard of your dreams.

usb gaming keyboard

Triple Connection Wireless Keyboard

This wireless keyboard incorporates the most advanced and complete connection system on the market with 3 connection modes to choose from:

  • 2.4Ghz RF Wireless: Thanks to its USB receiver and internal chipset with the most advanced 2.4Ghz wireless technology, this pc keyboard achieves ultra-fast latency and performance to enjoy wireless at a professional level.
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0: Connect with any device that supports Bluetooth keyboards with total convenience for absolute versatility of use.
  • Wired removable USB: With its removable USB-C to USB-A connector, connect this USB keyboard by cable and thus achieve maximum performance with a configurable refresh rate up to 1000 Hz and zero latency. Plus, while it's connected, it recharges its internal battery ultra-fast.

gaming wheel keyboard

Multimedia Control Wheel and Buttons

Made of ultra-resistant double-injected PBT on two levels, the keys of this mechanical keyboard offer a unique light show in which the keys seem to float on a base of light and color.

Plus, PBT is a much tougher and more refined material than traditional ABS, so the keys on this RGB keyboard will look like new after years of heavy use. Forget wear and tear forever.

wireless keyboard

Mechanical Anti-Dust Switches

The mechanical switches guarantee total precision and reliability, in addition to protecting your keyboard as much as possible from the entry of dust. Equipped with a special protective housing surrounding the mechanical switch piston, the SQ system of these exclusive switches maximizes the life of this gaming keyboard , providing the reliability and professional performance you need.

rgb gaming keyboard

Customizable Control Software

There is a different keyboard for each type of gamer: not only can you choose the type of switch and the color of the keyboard, but its control software also offers multiple possibilities to personalize your experience to the maximum. Adjust all your keyboard settings to your liking, from lighting to creating specialized macros.

bluetooth keyboard

Ultra High Capacity Battery

Enjoy true wireless connectivity with up to 200 hours of battery life thanks to its ultra-high capacity lithium-ion battery and advanced power-saving technology. In addition, this bluetooth keyboard has a fast charging system to have it always ready in record time.

Full Cross-Platform Compatibility

Take advantage of endless possibilities thanks to its full multi-platform compatibility and its triple Bluetooth, 2.4 Ghz and USB connection for PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox, smartphones, tablets, smart-TV

  • 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth wireless connection
  • USB 2.0 cable included 150cm
  • Compact size 75%
  • Double injection PBT keys
  • 100% anti-ghosting
  • Autonomy 200 hours
  • dust switches
  • Customization software included
  • 3 keyboard colors to choose from (white, black and pink)
  • 3 types of switch to choose from (blue, red, brown)
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