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RGB Gaming Headset - EQ 7.1

RGB Gaming Headset - EQ 7.1

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RGB Gaming Headset

RGB Gaming Headset

Immersive virtual 7.1 surround sound

Thanks to the sound quality of these headphones , you clearly have a big advantage over other online players. Take advantage of your opponents by hearing their footsteps or gunshots to react first, and even know that your teammates are walking on land or on water. By putting on this RGB gaming headset , you get a more spatial sound, which will allow you to completely immerse yourself in your gaming games.

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Omnidirectional microphone for smooth communication

Chat with your teams during the game to help your team improve your rank by earning more. The omnidirectional microphone in this new gaming headset delivers clear, full noise-free sound, making it feel like you're playing in the same gaming room with your team. It's also easy to remove its detachable microphone when you want to watch a good movie or listen to your favorite music.

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7.1 controller at your fingertips

The EQ 7.1 gaming headset offers 3 equalization modes to experience phenomenal sound in the middle of video games , as powerful for listening to your favorite singers in live concerts or more immersive for watching movies on your sofa or on the go. With volume control and on/off mic with icon, you don't waste time adjusting chat or game audio during the action.

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Soft and comfortable all day

Made of comfortable material, the headband and earmuffs of this RGB headphones cushion the pressure on your head and ear. Even if you wear glasses with this headset , enjoy hours of online gaming sessions without feeling pain. Stretch its headband to adjust its ideal position on your head, this gaming headset will not pinch your ears or hair.

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Bright and captivating RGB lights

These gaming headphones feature fluid, colorful RGB lighting to complement the personalized atmosphere of your gaming setup . Its RGB light remains bright and brilliant even in the dark, to create a captivating atmosphere and immerse yourself in the gaming universe at 100%. This new RGB gaming headset is sleek and attractive, a cool accessory when playing video games with your friends or during your live streaming sessions.

rgb gaming headset

Cross-platform compatibility for user-friendly use

The EQ 7.1 gaming headset allows you to easily connect to your PC gaming computer or to your PS4/5 or Xbox video game console thanks to its plug-and-play function, so there is no longer any need for an intermediate adapter between devices, which is great for gamers. With its braided material, the EQ 7.1 headphone cable will not crack or wear out over time. Thanks to the length of its 2 meter cable, you will no longer be limited to too short a distance from your gamer pc or your game console.

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