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RGB Gaming Headsets - Cat Ears

RGB Gaming Headsets - Cat Ears

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RGB Gaming Headset

cat eye headphones

7.1 surround sound quality

Cat Ear RGB Gaming Headsets deliver an incredible listening experience with surround sound quality, deep mega bass and telescoping gaming headphones . Listen to your favorite games with immersive sound quality and unrestricted freedom of movement. Live the gameplay with your color, your style and a unique dynamic performance!

gaming headphones

Adjustable headband

These RGB Gaming Headsets are the perfect gaming accessory for your gaming setup . With its ergonomic design, the adjustable headband provides optimal comfort and adapts to all sizes. Foldable, this headset will make your game even more exciting! Experience unique sensations with the Cat Ear Gaming Headsets .

foldable gaming headset

Memory foam leather ear pads

The Cat Ears Headset is equipped with soft memory foam leather earpads for legendary comfort on your ears and deep immersion in your gaming session.

memory foam gaming headset

Noise canceling microphone

These RGB Helmets are a perfect blend of ergonomics and technology. Adjust the sound to your liking with the built-in microphone and enjoy an immersive experience in peace with its noise isolation. Live your video game adventures with powerful sound and fun, colorful cat ears!

rgb gaming headset

Wired or wireless headphones

These Cat Ear Headphones are the latest gaming headsets offering premium sound with wireless connectivity. Bluetooth wireless technology and long battery life allow you to enjoy unlimited gaming fun. Vibrant colors and built-in LED effects provide an entertaining and immersive experience.

wireless gaming headset

Cross-platform compatibility

These Gamer Headsets are a complete audio experience with cross-platform compatibility, these bt headsets provide excellent audio quality for PC, Consoles, Smartphone and Smart TV.

gamer headsets box

  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone
  • Bluetooth connection 10m
  • Integrated controllers
  • Memory foam pads
  • Audio cable included
  • Battery autonomy 200 hours
  • Compatible with TVs, Smartphones, Consoles

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