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Bluetooth headphones - HS35

Bluetooth headphones - HS35

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Wireless Headset

noise canceling bluetooth headphones

Nordic minimalist design design for this new Bluetooth headset to soothe your restless mind. This Finnish brand interprets fashionable cultural elements with the concept of meditation, providing the user with the ultimate user experience.

To try the new HS35 wireless headphones is to adopt it!

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5 microphones and 3 operating modes

With its hybrid ANC technology, the five microphones of this Bluetooth headset work together to block out background noise up to 42dB. Its 3 noise reduction modes provide a much more comfortable sound experience.

  1. Standard Mode: Immerse yourself in learning and stay focused on yourself.
  2. Transparent Mode: Stay aware of surroundings, human voices audible around you.
  3. Noise Canceling Mode: Block out commotion and noises in your comfort zone

bluetooth headphones for men

Convenient communication, no need to take off the headphones anymore

Touch the detection area to lower the music volume and filter out ambient sound. Chat easily without taking off your headphones , and the music will automatically resume after your chat.

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Hi-res audio, original and pure sound

The dynamic driver of the HS35 Bluetooth headphones brings true-to-life reproduction of highs, mids and bass. You can even use them its battery-free Bluetooth earphones when powered off with its 3.5mm Jack interface. Its AHS High-Resolution Audio quality delivers extraordinary clarity and auditory detail.


Ambient noise canceling microphone

The microphone of this headset accurately picks up human voice and reduces ambient noise, giving you smooth and clear high-quality phone calls in airports, subways, offices, etc.


60 hours extra battery life, stay submerged longer

60 hour battery life allows for full day use of this wireless headset . Conveniently charge with the USB Type-C interface. Its foldable headphone design makes it easy to store and take anywhere.

lightweight bluetooth headphones

Soft padded ear cushions, unprecedented comfort

The padded ear cushions of this Bluetooth headphones provide maximum comfort and a secure seal around your ears. The foldable ear cups and stretchy headband can be adjusted to find the perfect angle on your head.


Thanks to its free application, personalize your sound experience

Check your Bluetooth headset settings anytime, adjust noise reduction depth, customize sound effects and adjust bass volume to your liking. Match the sound flow to your personal preferences and make listening more enjoyable.

gaming bluetooth headset

Gaming headset mode, smooth gaming experience

Enjoy a smooth gaming experience with the HS35 gaming headset 's Bluetooth 5.2 technology and low latency gaming mode. Wired headset mode can even achieve true zero lag.


Multipoint connection, work and entertainment at the same time

The new HS35 Bluetooth headset supports simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth devices, allowing you to enjoy work and entertainment at the same time.

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