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How to choose your PC Keyboard?

How to choose the ideal PC Keyboard for Gaming or Work?

When looking to buy a PC keyboard , it's easy to come across a wide range of options. Between mechanical keyboards , with switch, wireless, RGB or gaming keyboard , it can be difficult to know which one to choose. In this article, we'll walk you through the different features and functions to help you find the best PC keyboard that will suit your needs, whether it's for playing video games on PC or for professional use.

1. Wired or wireless keyboard:

Wired keyboards offer a direct connection to your PC via a USB cable. They are generally faster and more reliable in terms of latency, which can be crucial for competitive gamers who need fast reactions during their gaming sessions. On the other hand, wireless keyboards offer freedom of movement, which makes them perfect for mobile use or if you want to get away from your desk. However, they require regular battery charging and can be susceptible to interference.

2. Gamer or standard keyboard:

Gaming keyboards are specially designed for gamers. They usually offer additional features such as programmable keys, dedicated game shortcuts, and customizable macros. These features can enhance their gaming experience by giving them extra control and optimal responsiveness. On the other hand, standard PC keyboards are simpler, suitable for everyday tasks and can be less expensive.

3. Mechanical or membrane keyboard:

Mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches under each key, providing a tactile and audible feel that appeals to many gamers and typists. They are renowned for their durability and responsiveness. In contrast, membrane keyboards use a rubber pad under each key, providing a softer but less responsive feel. Preferences vary from person to person, so if you like the feel of a tactile mechanical keyboard and can afford it, this is a great choice.

4. RGB keyboard:

RGB keyboards with illuminated lighting allow you to customize the colors and visual effects of each key. This may be purely aesthetic for some, but for gamers it can also help improve the in-game experience by highlighting important keys or synchronizing lights with in-game actions.

5. Keyboard with switch:

Keyboards with interchangeable switches allow you to customize the type of switch under each key, which can affect the feel, responsiveness, and sound of the keyboard. This is an ideal option if you have specific preferences for mechanical switches .


In summary, choosing the ideal PC keyboard will depend on personal preference and intended use. If you're an avid gamer, a gaming keyboard with mechanical switches and RGB lighting might be the best bet. If you are looking for a versatile keyboard for work and leisure, a silent membrane bluetooth keyboard could be suitable. Take the time to compare features and specs to find the best PC keyboard that will meet your needs and provide the best gaming or working experience. Do not hesitate to read the opinions of other users and explore the options available on our online store of gaming accessories to find the perfect PC keyboard for you.

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